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Continuing Education

Our parent company, PlayCore, believes that play and recreation are essential for a healthier, happier society and critical to improving the quality of life for communities. Their passion is networking and collaborating with, and learning from, the world's foremost scholars and experts to study play and recreation, and to share learning and knowledge that positively advances diverse community needs through a variety of useful planning resources that help advocate and plan recreation projects across a variety of categories.  

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Make A Stand:  A Practical Guide to Spectator Seating

This evidence-based resource is designed to help you plan and execute a purposeful seating project. 

The educational/design resource guide includes:

  • Standards and criteria
  • Planning best practices
  • Purchasing process information
  • Installation and maintenance guidance
  • Case study examples from unique seating projects


For more information on how to obtain a copy of this guidebook or how we can help you earn Continued Education Units (CEUs), go to