Together with Keystone Purchasing Network, we can provide premium quality seating solutions by offering a range of standard and custom products to meet needs of all aspects of spectator seating. Use this opportunity to receive better pricing that is publicly and competitively bid through a sealed bid process.

We are a leading designer/manufacturer of grandstands and bleachers for all applications of spectator seating. We offer a wide range of standard and custom products to meet all of your seating needs. We offer representatives to directly guide seating projects from start to finish

Please contact Brian Wilson directly:
Toll Free: 866-550-5511 or Office: 813-305-1415 ext. 2329
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  • No administrative fees or surcharges assessed to members
  • Volume discount pricing on quality products and services
  • Bidding on behalf of members eliminates duplication of the local bidding process
  • Saves time and the cost of the individual bid process
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Dedicated vendor representatives who assure satisfaction
  • Notifications of additional discounts and savings programs

Products & Services by GT Grandstands

  • Permanent Grandstands
  • Press Boxes
  • Existing Structure Renovations
  • Standard Angle Frame Bleachers
  • Team Benches
  • Custom grandstands and bleachers built to meet your needs and requirements
Download our KPN Brochure
Download our KPN Brochure

KPN Contract #: 201401-01