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ADA Requirements for Bleacher Seating

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has developed standards for acceptable bleacher design to allow everyone, disabled or not to be able to enjoy the pleasure of cheering on their home team. We at GT Grandstands pride ourselves in building accessible aluminum bleachers and grandstands. Below you’ll find the government regulations and requirements to build ADA accessible bleachers.

Building ADA compliant bleachers and grandstands is easy!

  1. Your bleachers should be built with the proper amount of wheelchair spaces and companion seats. The proper amount is designated based on the total number of seats in the facility.
  2. Wheelchair spaces and companion seats should be dispersed horizontally and vertically throughout the bleachers. This allows for accessible seating to be available at all price levels and viewing angles.
  3. Your wheelchair spaces and companion seats need to have an accessible route to them along with easy access to entrance/exits, restrooms, and amenities.
  4. To maintain your ADA requirements, wheelchair spaces and companion seating’s view must not be obstructed or located on temporary platforms. The only time they can be on temporary platforms is when the entire set of bleachers is on a moveable/temporary platform.
  5. Your ADA accessible bleachers must provide and maintain proper ramps, slip-resistant surfaces, handrails, and signs throughout.

If you have an older set of bleachers or grandstands, it’s important to research the recent set of regulations around ADA compliance and make updates accordingly. If you’re interested in building a new set of bleachers or grandstands, we can make sure they’re developed with ADA accessibility in mind.

Maintaining your Bleachers and Grandstands!

It’s important to maintain your investment and make sure your ADA accessible bleachers and grandstands are secure and up to date for years to come! We have developed a bleacher maintenance checklist to follow when performing biannual inspections.

Get in contact today to learn more about ADA compliant bleachers!