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I-Beam Bleachers

Everyone loves going to sporting events. Listening to the crowds cheer, sharing concessions with the family, supporting loved ones, or just watching your favorite teams. Yet, if you are the one running the facilities, you have to accommodate the spectators. There are things to consider when looking to expand, renovate, or even build your facility. What type of terrain are you looking to build on? How many people are you looking to seat? How are you going to utilize the space in the most efficient manner? What kind of budget are you working with? 

Arguably, the second most important thing in sports (aside from the sport itself) is the fans. You want to make sure they are comfortable in your facility for long periods of time, you have enough space for them to sit comfortably, and enough opportunities for them to satisfy their sweet tooth, or grab a drink if they get a little thirsty. If you are dealing with limited space, these things can quickly become an issue. If you have more freedom with the space being used, you still want to utilize the are in a way that is cost-effective and makes sense for the facility. In building seating for your fans, there are a few different routes you can take, you can go with the angle frame bleachers, which are a cost effective method, but don't utilize space as well as I-Beam bleachers. They can be a great solution for level sites, but if you are in an area with uneven terrain, they may not be your best option. If you are looking for a sturdy set of bleachers and a way to maximize your utility, you’ll want to go with an I-Beam bleacher.

Why get I-Beam?

I-Beam bleachers are the gold standard when it comes to utilizing space, adapting to landscape, and creating an enjoyable spectating experience for all involved. Steel I-Beam structures are placed on concrete spread footers, making them sturdy and easily adaptable. Due to this method of using steel I-Beams to support the seating area, you can put it just about anywhere. 

What if I live in an uneven landscape, or I'm looking to build near a hilly area? In short, I-Beam bleachers are going to be perfect for your needs. Since the I-Beams are placed on spread footing typically set on 18' centers, you do not need to have perfectly level ground. If you were to go with an angle frame bleacher, you would need to either find a level space to place the bleachers and work with the terrain you already have, or you would need to level the area yourself, which could be very costly depending on how much you would need to clear. The steel beams are also galvanized, meaning they are coated in zinc to help it stand up to the weather in the long run. These bleachers are designed to stand the test of time and are a great option for long-term and customizable seating arrangements for your beloved fans. 

Now that you have the terrain issue figured out and know exactly where you want to put your bleachers, you have to think about space utilization. When fans come to events, they want to be able to get a shirt to show their support for the team, or maybe they will get a little parched watching the athletes compete at a high level, or maybe they just want to get their child a hotdog so they can enjoy the game. Moreover, not all locations have the luxury of space for a field house for equipment storage. This is where space utilization comes into play. You want to offer your fans an amazing experience, not just somewhere to sit for a few hours. Additionally, you’ll need a place to keep that lawn mower and paint for your beautiful field. I-Beams offer support throughout the stands, without the complex web of aluminum underneath that you would see in angle frame bleachers. This frees up the space underneath to be used for a countless number of things. No matter the size of the bleachers, you can arrange for the entire space beneath the bleachers to have a purpose. Whether you want to put that gift shop next to the stairs leading up to the stands so it is easily visible to the fans, or you want to tuck the concessions beneath the stands to make room for a team walkway, I-Beam gives you the freedom to do so. In many larger facilities, they can fit a gift shop, concessions, equipment storage and bathrooms underneath the bleachers. When it comes to utilizing space the I-Beam bleachers are a win for everyone. The fans will have a place to get concessions, use the restroom, or grab a t-shirt without having to walk a long way to get it and risk missing the big play!


While angle frame bleachers are nice and pose almost no issues, they are limited. More and more facilities are switching to the I-Beam bleachers. With customization features, such as elevated grandstands (including a front walkway of 30-40 inches, accessed by stairs or wheelchair ramp) , non-elevated grandstands (first row starts at ground level), roof structures, bench seating, chairs, and press boxes, I-Beam bleachers are customizable to fit your needs. With the ability to adapt to terrain, you will be able place your bleachers in a place that will fit your design ideas. You are not limited to flat areas, like you would be with angle frame bleachers, I-Beam bleachers fit the terrain you are building on and are galvanized so they can stand the test of time and weather. They also provide you with extra space underneath the bleachers so you can incorporate more revenue generating opportunities, a simple garage to store equipment, or restrooms for staff or spectators. I-Beam bleachers are the perfect way to maximize space, spectator enjoyment, and even generating revenue. The fans, players, and maintenance crew will all thank you for the extra space and convenience!