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WE'RE IN THE GAME... of Football!

For high schools and colleges, football is a source of pride and community. Football games usually mean thousands of people gathering to watch the sport and cheer on their chosen team. At GT Grandstands, we build our football field bleachers and stadiums to withstand years of play, rain or shine. 

We can build custom football bleachers and stands to fit your exact specifications.

  • Seating Capacity
  • Spectator Flow
  • Space Availability
  • Sightline Requirements
  • Applicable Building Codes
  • Revenue Generation

GT Grandstands Brings Football Fields to Life

Whether you are a small school or a college of thousands, GTGrandstands has you covered! We proudly offer stadium stands that can accommodate almost any capacity and you can know that your spectators will have the best seat in the house. 

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Apollo Ridge High School

GT Grandstands built both a home and visitor side spectator seating system for Apollo High School in Apollo, PA. Both systems feature interlocking decks, enclosure panels, and custom colorization. Home side system is an I-beam frame with press box and was built over an existing building.  The visitor section holds 300 plus attendees and features an H-frame under-structure.


1892 HOME / 304 VISITOR




186' HOME / 60' VISITOR 


Interlocking Deck, Powder Coated Risers, 10' x 48' Press Box, Built over existing building, Closure Panels, Aluminum Bleachers

Carter Park Football Stadium

This FL project includes an integrated roof system, custom colors, and closure panels on a elevated angle frame structure.








Integrated Roof, Powder Coated Risers, Closure Panels

Experienced Manufacturer of Football Bleachers

For over 15 years, we have been a leading designer/manufacturer of football bleachers for high schools, universities, and colleges. We can build angle frame aluminum bleachers and I-beam structure bleachers

Angle Frame Custom Football Bleachers

Angle frame seating structures provide a great solution for level sites. The football bleachers are attached to either a concrete foundation or installed with earth anchors. These metal bleachers are customizable to meet most capacity needs and can be either aluminum frames or galvanized steel frames.

Football Bleachers with I-Beam Structures

GT Grandstands specializes in i-beam construction. This flexible design option is easily adapted to hillsides and uneven terrain. Larger football stadiums use the space underneath the structure for concessions/restrooms and revenue generating areas. GT Grandstands galvanizes all its steel structures for years of maintenance free use of the finish. We don't build stadium lighting, but it's smart to understand how much stadium lights cost and how it affects your overall budget. 

Football Field Team Benches

Every football field needs high quality aluminum benches along the sideline. We developed a series of portable aluminum team benches with and without backs and a series of permanent steel-legged benches also with and without backs. We've designed them to be used on the sideline of football fields! All our aluminum benches are maintenance free and built to the highest quality. Click to learn more!

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