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Baseball Bleachers

WE'RE IN THE GAME... with Baseball Bleachers!

We work with high schools and universities to build custom baseball bleachers to their exact specifications. Baseball games allow hundreds of people to join together and cheer on their chosen team. At GT Grandstands, we build custom baseball bleachers with aluminum or galvanized steel to last through thousands of games. 

We can build aluminum bleachers to your exact specifications allowing for:

  • Seating Capacity
  • Spectator Flow
  • Space Availability
  • Sightline Requirements
  • Applicable Building Codes
  • Revenue Generation

GT Grandstands Brings Baseball Fields to Life

GTGrandstands is a trusted name in the industry for providing quality baseball bleacher seats. Customers know that they are getting the best products on the market that will last many years to come. Check out our portfolio to see our other projects!

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MTSU Baseball Bleachers 

MTSU, located within a short distance to the center of Tennessee, is one of, if not the largest, university in the state. The Blue Raider Baseball team is a part of Conference USA and hosts opponents from all over the country.  These custom baseball bleachers features a mitered design with 653 chair seats for premier seating and powder coated royal blue risers to match the school's colors.  The project was completed in 2009.








Mitered design, 653 chair seats, Powder coated risers, Mid walk design, Metal Bleachers

McKechnie Baseball Bleachers

McKechnie Field in Bradenton is home to Pittsburg Pirates MLB Spring Training.  These baseball bleachers feature team color powder coating, elevation for improved sightlines, and upgraded vertical picket guardrails. 








14' elevation, powder coated vertical picket railing

Baseball Field Team Benches

Every baseball field needs high quality aluminum benches in the dugouts. We developed a series of portable aluminum team benches with and without backs and a series of permanent steel-legged benches also with and without backs. They've been designed to use inside dugouts on baseball fields! All our aluminum benches are maintenance free and built to the highest quality. We can offer you custom bleacher to fit your specific needs such as:

  • dugout bench
  • baseball bench
  • sport benches OR sports benches
  • baseball field benches

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Experienced Manufacturer of Baseball and Softball Bleachers

For over 15 years, we have been a leading designer/manufacturer of bleachers for baseball fields. We design and build custom baseball bleachers and softball field bleachers for baseball stadiums and softball stadiums. Our wide range of products and services including press boxes, renovations, team benches, and aluminum picnic tables are designed to meet all of your seating needs.

Angle Frame Custom Baseball Bleachers

Angle frame seating structures provide a great solution for level sites. The baseball bleachers are attached to either a concrete foundation or installed with earth anchors. These metal bleachers are customizable to meet most capacity needs and can be either aluminum frames or galvanized steel frames.

Baseball Bleachers with I-Beam Structures

GT Grandstands specializes in i-beam construction. This flexible design option is easily adapted to hillsides and uneven terrain. Larger baseball stadiums use the space underneath the structure for concessions/restrooms and revenue generating areas. GT Grandstands galvanizes all its steel structures for years of maintenance free use of the finish. We don't build stadium lighting, but it's smart to understand how much stadium lights cost and how it affects your overall budget. 

What Our Customers Are Saying: 

Bleachers for Baseball

"I think the neatest part is the curbside appeal, It looks like a stadium and less like you are walking into bleachers. The ornamental fencing and the greenscape make it look great. " - Dale Robinson, Director of Parks and Recreation, Spanish Fork, Utah

GT Grandstands

"The Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo would like to thank GT Grandstands for helping us build the arena in record time. We are thrilled to provide one of the finest rodeo venues in the nation for both our cowboys and fans, as we celebrate our pioneer heritage during the Days of '47 celebrations." - Dan Shaw, Days of '47 Rodeo


"As an independent company, Stadium Solutions could pick any bleacher manufacturer to promote. Many companies have approached us to see if we would carry their product. However, we only want to design and build the best in the business – that is why we represent GT Grandstands." - Mark Klopfer, President, Stadium Solutions, Inc

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