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Custom Press Box Manufacturer for Football and Baseball Stadiums

GT Grandstands™ has served as a leading designer and manufacturer of custom press boxes for over two decades. We’re here to create cost-effective solutions that meet your stadium’s needs – including highly functional spaces for media members. We also provide comprehensive solutions that include designing custom press boxes to enhance the functionality and cost-effectiveness of your grandstands. Our team of experienced engineers will design a functional and cost-effective press box that meets your specific needs.

What is a Press Box? 

Press boxes are an essential hub for any stadium or sports arena – even in high school settings. These elevated boxes provide coaches,  journalists, broadcasters, and other members of the press with a bird’s-eye view. Most are equipped with the latest media technology such as cameras, microphones, and recording instruments. 

Our Standard Press Box Designs

We build all of our press boxes with comfortable seating, unobstructed sightlines, and advanced communication facilities. Additionally, our standard designs feature… 

  • Easy on-site installation steps
  • Pre-wired electricity 
  • Durable structural steel frame 
  • Metal stud infill 
  • 26-gauge, type-R exterior metal panels 
  • Safe, non-combustible construction
  • ⅜” interior sheetrock walls
  • Acoustical ceiling tiles (2’ x 2’ x ⅝” ) 
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic panels 

For a custom press box, select your own exterior colors, as well as custom Football and Baseball stadium designs. Our expert team is happy to work with you to create a unique press box that suits your stadium.

Features for Custom Press Boxes

Choose from a range of optional features to enhance the functionality and convenience of your press box, including:

  • Vertical or slanted front wall construction 
  • Cameraroof deck with interior hatch and ladder
  • Roof hatch and chain-link railing for safety 
  • HVAC/heating system for comfort 
  • Emergency exterior ladder to comply with state regulations where required by code
  • Security shutters for added protection
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic panels on the interior (available in different colors)

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We Design and Build…

  • High School Football Press Boxes
  • College Press Boxes
  • Athletics Field Press Boxes
  • Baseball Press Boxes
  • Football Press Boxes


How Much Does a Press Box Cost?

The cost of designing, building, and installing a press box can vary significantly, depending on dozens of factors. These can include…  

  • Size of the press box 
  •  Complexity of the design  
  •  Materials used in construction  
  •  Location of the press box for code compliance 
  •  Soundproofing  
  •  Security features  
  •  HVAC systems  
  •  Additional or custom amenities  
  •  Delivery and installation requirements  

 For a more accurate cost estimate, contact GTGrandstands today. We’ll assess your needs and provide an upfront quote.

Press box example with speakers and fencing.

Press box example with a sloped wall

Press Box Prices & Cost

Our pre-fabricated press boxes can vary with installation and customization. Get a quote today to better understand the overall cost of a press box!


Baseball Stadium Press Box

Webber International University
  • Standard Roof
  • Vertical Front Panel
  • 7' 8" Interior Height
  • Color: Green

Football Stadium Press Box

Southridge High School
  • Roof with Railing
  • Hatch Entry from Roof
  • Slanted Front Panel
  • 7' 8" Interior Height
  • Color: White

Our Customers have rated GT Grandstands Press Boxes 5/5 based on 10 customer reviews:
GT Grandstands

"I think the neatest part is the curbside appeal, It looks like a stadium and less like you are walking into bleachers. The ornamental fencing and the greenscape make it look great. " - 5/5

Press Boxes

"The Days of '47 Cowboy Games & Rodeo would like to thank GT Grandstands for helping us build the arena in record time. We are thrilled to provide one of the finest rodeo venues in the nation for both our cowboys and fans, as we celebrate our pioneer heritage during the Days of '47 celebrations." - 5/5

GT Grandstands

"As an independent company, Stadium Solutions could pick any bleacher manufacturer to promote. Many companies have approached us to see if we would carry their product. However, we only want to design and build the best in the business – that is why we represent GT Grandstands." - 5/5

Press Boxes

"Doing this project with Stadium Solutions and GT Grandstands using the KPN contract not only saved us money but expedited the process. Thank you for a job well done." - 5/5

GT Grandstands

"Our bleacher from GT Grandstands was a game changer for our facility and allowed us to substantially increase both the size and quality of events we host at the YMCA Aquatic Center!" -

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