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Backwaters Gamblers Water Ski Team Spectator Seating

Backwaters Gamblers Water Ski Facility

Rock Island, IL

GT Grandstands supplied materials and installation support to the Backwaters Gamblers Water Ski Team for a self installed project. The final product is an 8 row 85.5 foot bleacher and 10 row 73.5 foot bleacher featuring aluminum angle frame structure, semi-closed decking and ADA inclusive spaces. Other features include black vinyl coated fencing and wood sills with auger anchors.




10, 8

overall size

73' 6", 85' 6"

special features

Semi-Closed Decking, ADA Inclusive Spacing, Black Vinyl Coated Fencing, Wood Sills w/Auger Anchors

  • ski team bleachers

    waterside spectator seating

  • waterside bleacher seating

    ski team fan bleachers

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    • GT product was excellent and we will highly recommend to anyone. Quality was excellent and so was packaging and shipping. Things went smooth between our multiple contacts and your company.
      Scott Allender Backwater Gamblers Water Ski Show Team