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Smithville Park Tennis Seating

Smithville Park Tennis Courts

Southport, NC

2-Galvanized steel I-beam for installation over drainage area featuring a fully closed, interlocking deck system. Custom 12” rise/33” tread depth built for future addition of chair seating.


55 with 1 ADA and 1 Companion per unit


4 each unit

overall size

27' each unit

special features

Galvanized steel I-beam, 12” rise/33” tread, Fully closed, interlocking deck system

  • aluminum bleachers elevated with stair entry

    Side view - stair entry

  • accessible entry way

    Accessible ramp

  • elevated bleachers

    Elevated system with fully closed deck and chainlink gaurdrails

  • accessible seating

    ADA accessible seating and companion spaces

  • accessible bleacher seating

    Side and back entry ramps