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3 Row Bleachers

Universal Bleacher Series

Universal Bleachers by GT Grandstands offer additional options including galvanized frames and guardrails, picket or chain-link guardrails, double or single footboards, mud sills, rubber bumpers, and Tip N Roll capabilities

4  Row  Universal


  • Multiple row counts and lengths available
  • Portable
  • Low maintenance
  • Code compliant
Compare the features and options from each aluminum bleacher series below, then contact us for a quote.
Series Rows Length Seat Width Rise Tread Guardrail Deck System Aisle Frame Front Row Seat Height
Universal Bleacher Series 3, 4, 5 7'-6"L, 9'-0"L, 15'-0"L, 21'-0"L, 27'-0"L 12" 6" 24" VP Semi-Closed , Single Footboard, Double Footboards only NO Aluminum 10-1/2"