Seat Options

Seat Options

  • Back rests provide a more comfortable seating area for spectactors.
  • Powder coated finishes allow the grandstands to coordinate with team colors.
  • Fixed stadium chairs with self-rising seat bottoms allow for additional spacing between rows when seats are not in use. These chairs also facilitate easy cleaning, and eliminates standing water in seats.
  • Our uniquely-shaped contoured bench seating provides added comfort to spectactors.
  • Fixed chairs can add a touch of color to your grandstand. These chairs can also be customized with donor plates for individual and coprorate sponsors who donate to your oganization.
  • Radius Edge Seating is available.



                 Back Rests                         Self-Rising Chairs                  Contoured Seating

Powder Coated Back Rests Self-Rising Chairs Contour Seats
Fixed Chairs Optional Powder Coated Finish Radius Edge Seats

              Fixed Chairs                      Powder Coated Finish                  Radius Edge Seats