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Why You Need A Prefabricated Press Box For Your Stadium

When a big game is taking place on the field, certain attendees need the prime vantage point from the stands. From media crew members to coaches and commentators, the press box ensures these key observers get the best, most comfortable view, so they can focus on the action. Therefore, as a critical point for stadium events and operations, choosing the best press boxes is undeniably important.

Prefabricated - A Closer Look

When it comes to picking press boxes to include in your stadium setup, prefabricated press boxes may be more suitable for your needs. Prefabricated press boxes are built in a factory, transported to your site, and erected by a crane onto the supporting structure. These press boxes can be installed in a shorter period of time, allowing you to host sporting events sooner rather than waiting for on-site-built options.

Advantages of Prefabricated Press Boxes

Prefabricated press boxes are designed according to industry standards and ready for installation right from the factory. This offers several advantages for stadium owners.


Naturally, opting for a press box that is prefabricated can cost substantially less. These units do not require the professional assistance of a designer, are easier to assemble, and are made with standard materials. Therefore, the prefabricated option is a good choice if you simply need something like a basic football press box, and you are working with a less flexible budget.

Quick Installation

Prefabricated press boxes are truly quick to install. The walls are pre-wired for electricity, the exterior metal-panel walls are preassembled, and the structural steel framing is all ready to go upon delivery with metal stud infill and pre-drilled holes for construction. You can also pick options to make sure the press box has everything you need upon delivery, such as security shutters or a roof deck. Therefore, you could easily have the press box delivered and assembled within a few days.

Less Disruption to the Construction Site

If you are having a press box installed amid constructing the rest of your stadium, prefabricated units can be a logical choice. The unit goes up quickly once the sections are delivered. Therefore, you won't have to worry about stadium construction being disrupted in the process.

Standardized Design and Dimensions

While you have options with prefabricated press boxes, the units are designed to align with industry standards. The sizes available are suitable for different settings because they are modeled after the average press box size for each setting. For example, a standard press box for an athletic field may be 8 feet by 12 feet or 8 feet by 18 feet. All press boxes come in 6’ increments starting at 12’ in length.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a press box for your facility, there are five important factors to consider, including:

  • Budget - How much are you looking to spend on a press box or are you looking for the most cost-effective option?
  • Timeframe - Are you looking to get a unit installed as quickly as possible or do you have a bit of time flexibility?
  • Site conditions and restrictions - Will stadium construction be in progress? Are there restrictions and regulations you have to follow?
  • Functionality and features needed - Can a standard press box meet your needs or do you need/want certain features and functions?
  • Aesthetics and design - Are you looking to create a more luxury-level press box or a unit that boasts a unique design?

Request A Quote

Still not sure whether a prefabricated press box is the best option for your stadium? Contact GT Grandstands for a consultation and to discuss your needs to determine which option is right for you. Our prefabricated press boxes are ideal for many different settings, including:

  • High School Football press box
  • College press box
  • Athletic field press box
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  • Baseball press box

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