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Employees of the Month - July 2023

Dannie Day, Sr. - Property Maintenance and Shop Support

Dannie is a great example of a team player with a focus on safety and workplace pride. His attitude, dependability, and adaptation show each time he assists the many departments of GT Grandstands while based in the FAB shop. Dannie also helps around our buildings and with shipping to move our product and keep GT functioning.

Thanks for being a great example of our team. GT is better because of you!

Brian Jarrett - Engineering Team Lead

Brian was nominated by multiple departments with a focus on his attention to getting the job done! Brian has gone above and beyond. He is someone we depend on to help GT stay on track in the engineering department. Brian's adaptability and reliability are a big asset.

Thanks for being excellent at customer service and working with each department at GT. Your attitude and focus on details help make us better!