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Employees of the Month - June 2023

Raul Arbelo - Welder

Raul is an example of quality and quantity of work, all with a great attitude and a smile on his face. His peers recognize his workplace pride and how he works to make GT better as he is always looking to fix items in the shop. His excellent problem solving skills have helped in many ways.

Thanks for being a great example to our team in the areas of quality, quantity, reliability, attitude, and workplace pride! GT is better because of you!

Cody Wilson - Project Manager

Cody was highlighted for his work with installers, clients, and how he works within departments inside of GT, as well as his internal customers to keep his installers and clients happy. His problem solver attitude has helped him excel in his short time as a project manager.

Thanks for being excellent at customer service with your installers and clients, but also with the departments inside of GT. Your helpful, problem solving attitude makes GT better!