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Buying Bleachers? Here's Everything You Need to Know and More

Bleachers and grandstands are available in a variety of different configurations, styles, and materials. Knowing some basic terminology will help prepare you to select the configuration that will provide maximum value!

Elevated vs. Non-Elevated Bleachers

If you’ve spent any time researching bleachers and grandstands, you’ve probably noticed the terms elevated and non-elevated being used to describe bleacher configurations. Luckily, the answer is quite intuitive!


Non-elevated bleachers are characterized by the first row placing the spectator’s feet flush with the ground. Most portable bleachers and lower-capacity bleachers are non-elevated due to their portability and cost-efficiency.

Elevated bleachers
generally have stairs or a ramp that leads up to the deck of the bleachers. The first row spectator’s feet are flush with the deck, which is generally a walkway protected by a fence or railing system.


Tip and Roll Bleachers

For many schools and event spaces, portable bleachers are the most ideal option because they allow for an optimized space!


Tip’N’Roll bleachers feature a set of wheels on the rear support beams that allow you to gently tip the section of bleachers on its back and roll them to their next destination. This makes them the perfect option for a space that requires modular seating arrangements!

Click here to view the full line of GT Grandstands tip and roll bleachers!

Bleacher Glossary

As you’re searching for bleachers you may frequently see lingo and terminology that causes confusion. Below is a brief guide to help you better comprehend the range of options available at GT Grandstands!

Grandstands - Permanently installed larger seating areas generally found at racetracks, venues, and sporting stadiums.

ADA Compliant - ADA compliance means that the product functions in accordance with the accessibility guidelines outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination based on disability.

I-Beam Structures - A flexible design option that features large “I-Beams” that support the grandstand and creates functional space beneath for concessions and restrooms. Ideal for hillsides and uneven terrain.

Angle Frame Structures - Angle frame bleachers are perfect for level surfaces and are generally installed on a concrete foundation. They feature a series of crossbars and support below the structure.

Galvanized Steel - Galvanized steel is steel that has been coated with a protective level of zinc. Galvanized Steel is resistant to rusting and other environmental damage.

Deck Boards - These are the aluminum bleacher planks that spectators sit on during games. We can also retrofit old wooden bleachers with aluminum bleacher planks to give them a new life!

Rise - The increase in elevation between rows of seat planks.

Run - The length from the front of one seating plank to the front of the seating plank directly behind it.

Benefits of ADA Compliance

When designing seating for a new project, selecting bleachers, grandstands, press boxes, or benches that are ADA compliant vastly improves that accessibility and quality of your facility. All of GT Grandstand’s ADA inclusive products are clearly marked for ease and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act!


ADA Accessible Ramps are a fantastic way to begin improving facility accessibility. By providing a way to bypass the stairs, you are opening the door to children, individuals with wheelchairs, and elderly individuals that may benefit from a ramp.

Not only does ADA accessibility allow spectators with disabilities to attend events, but it also reduces future maintenance and renovation costs as ADA Accessibility Guidelines continue to develop!

Customizable Features

In business for over 15 years, GT Grandstands representatives will work directly with you to guide your seating project from start to finish. Site measurement, product planning, design consultation, and installation are all a part of the custom grandstand services! Can’t find the option that is right for you? GT Grandstands will custom build a structure tailored to your exact requirements. Request a quote today to see what we can build together! If you're also interested in building a track around your field, looking to how much stadium lights costs and click to read about poured rubber surfacing from our partners at Totturf!

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